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Robert Heideman's Testimonials:

Robert was very helpful in securing our loan.  He made the process very simple and went out of his way to meet with us when it was convenient for us.  We would recommend Robert to all of our friends and family.

            Jeff & Abbey Small

This is my first home so I don’t have much to compare my experience to.  However, I cannot imagine that the process could be any smoother or easier than Robert made it.  I had full confidence in him and appreciate his kindness, availability and sense of humor.  Thanks.


In the course of my seven year Real Estate career, I have met hundreds of so-called “mortgage professionals”.  Because I have the opportunity to see their work from the beginning to the closing, it is very important to me to have stellar communications all through the process to insure a smooth closing.  Robert Heideman is the one Mortgage Banker who has earned my recommendation.

            Nancy Riehl; Realtor with Prudential Select Properties

Robert was more than a loan consultant.  He was truly a friend.  Always available via text, email or phone.  He was always quick to get back in touch with me and prompt with paperwork that needed to be signed.  I checked out and approached several mortgage companies, but Robert’s easy interaction and absolute professionalism made him first choice by a landslide.

            Everett Fox

This was my first time purchasing a home and Robert made this process extremely easy.  He walked me through the whole process and made me understand every step of the process.  I was always told that at closing I would have to come up with more money then originally told, but with Robert, I had to come with less money.  Everything went great on my end mostly because of Robert’s efforts.  Thank you!

            Brian Simeone

Robert Heideman was willing to go (or in my case drive) the extra mile to get the job done.  Nice job Robert.

            Jim Manning

With Robert’s services, I felt secure, happy and felt the process was made easy for me.

            Billy Rubenstein

I was extremely pleased with everything from start to finish.  Robert is attentive, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly.

            Gabe & Keren Douek

Robert exceeded our expectations, explained everything very well and met deadlines.  The whole experience was seamless.

            Ron & Bette Abeles

Your expertise and knowledge is super!  You were always available and ready to answer all my questions – very quickly.  The process was very smooth and efficient.  Thank you for all of your hard work.

            Michele Litteken

Working with you made the entire process tremendously stress-free!  There were no surprises, you were up front and forthcoming from the very beginning and we appreciate it.

            Chris & Aynie Linneman

Robert, everything was fantastic.  From the moment we first spoke you made me feel like I as your only customer!

            Darren Landa

Being our 3rd refinance, we were looking forward to it like a trip to the dentist.  However, from the start Robert’s personal attention and prompt service made the whole process a breeze.  Robert’s embrace of 21st century technology meant that we could send and receive all our documents via email and fax saving us valuable time.  Robert and his processor were available by email and phone to answer all of our questions.  When we met for the closing, Robert had all the paperwork in order which made signing go quickly.

            Neil & Rachael Peters

Robert was incredibly personable, helpful and knowledgeable in finding us a loan.  Robert helped us lock in on a crazy good rate.  He was very flexible with availability to meet, both time and place.  Most importantly, Robert listened to our goals and expectations we wanted and he more than achieved them.

            Dan & Melanie Wingrad

Ignorant of the new standards to be met for refinancing our mortgage, my wife and I figured refinancing would be simple.  With excellent credit scores and plenty of liquid assets, we never expected that our limited income as retirees would nearly doom the process.  Robert sought out and documented every legitimate income source in support of our loan application.  His diligent work paid off with smiles at closing.

            Mike & Gay Cushner

I had confidence in my loan being processed on time and felt like Robert covered all bases and answered all of my questions in a satisfactory manner.  I appreciated that Robert did not waste my time and felt that he was very efficient throughout the whole process.

            Elizabeth Schelp

I only hope that everyone else who works with Cornerstone Mortgage is as blessed and fortunate as we were to have worked with you.  You truly are an asset.

            Adam & Amanda Schulte

Robert, you were fantastic as was everyone you recommended.  We are extremely satisfied with our home loan process and will be recommending you to friends in the future.

            Mor Regev & Vadi Dodge

Robert is an excellent person to have on your side when getting a loan.  He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, keeps you up to speed no matter what’s going on. Definitely will recommend Robert to my friends.

            Don Schuster

It was truly a pleasure to work with Robert Heideman from Cornerstone Mortgage.  He was able to make the procurement of our first home mortgage loan easy and understandable.  We really felt like our questions were being answered and our business was important to Cornerstone.

            Sherd White & Dianna Fazio

Overall the process was very straight forward & professional.  We appreciate Robert’s hard work and attention to detail.  He went above and beyond in his effort to get us the best possible loan package.  His advice and insight were spot on and much appreciated.

            Ralph & Wendy Staiert

For first time home buyers, Robert is your guy.  From his quick response to questions, easy explanations of the process, to his availability, Robert makes the whole thing almost enjoyable, instead of a nail-biting nightmare.  Thanks Robert!

            Nir & Jessica Chezrony

Being first time home buyers Robert made the process very smooth and worry free.  He was great at explaining our options and reassuring us that he would get us a great rate and stay within our budget.  Robert is very experienced and thorough in every step of the process.  Thank you!

            Bethany Henson & Adam Ladd

Great guy to work with.  Made me feel like he wanted to save me money and get me the best price at the lowest rate in the fastest time!  Recommend to anyone.

            Dominic Vitale

Being first time home buyers Robert made the process very smooth and worry free.  He was great at explaining our options and reassuring us that he would get us a great rate and stay within our budget. Robert is very experienced and thorough in every step of the process.  Thank you!

            Bethany Henson & Adam Ladd

This was a truly painless experience.  Best refi I’ve ever had!

            Maureen Slaten

Robert is knowledgeable and attentive.  It was a great experience working with him and his team.  I’d definitely recommend him to others.

            Ben Choi

Robert was personable yet professional and seemed to enjoy what he was doing and took an interest in my understanding of the terms of the loan and what it was I was signing onto.  Excellent, no complaints.

            Charles Raymond III

Rob led us through the mortgage loan process every step of the way.  We were impressed with his attention to detail and he provided great communication throughout.  It was a painless process and it got us the house we’d been dreaming of!

            John & Connie Schoenecker

It was truly a pleasure to work with Robert Heideman.  His impressive knowledge and expertise allowed us to go through the maze of mortgage application with ease.  Without hesitation I would recommend him as a Mortgage Advisor.

            Tomasz & Marta Paciorek

Robert took the time to explain my options and come up with a loan that met my needs. I had previously contacted a different company about refinancing but wasn’t satisfied with what I was presented. I didn’t realize that I had other choices until I talked with Robert for a second opinion. I’m certainly glad I did. The entire refinancing process was fast and easy, and I am now saving significant money on my mortgage.

            Tracy Buchoz

I had been looking in to refinancing for a time and every place I called told me I was wasting my time. I waited and let some time pass, then tried again. I called Cornerstone and was placed with Robert Heideman on the phone. From that first phone call to closing, I was put at ease and it was a very informative and stress free process.

            Heather Doerhoff

Robert was very upfront and honest during the discussions about our different loan options. I would definitely recommend him to our friends and family.

            Eric Blinkinsop

I have had at least six home loans or refinances in the past and this one was the easiest and required the least amount of my time. Communications on the loan progress were the most informative and timely than ever before. Top notch!

            Chad Bilby

Great loan officer, cares about his clients getting the right mortgage for their situation. More importantly, a great person who really cares about his community.

            Stanley and Shannon Kohn

Robert made the mortgage process easy to understand for us as first time homebuyers. Robert was also always available for questions. I don’t know of other mortgage professionals at any of the big banks who will give out their cell phone numbers and answer questions in the evening and on weekends!

            Krista and Scott Thompson

Robert Heideman was always very professional and courteous with Gail and I during the entire loan process. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the loan process. Very sharp and polite individual. I will highly recommend Mr. Heideman to my friends and acquaintances – Great Job!!

            Erwin and Gail Gampp

I have already recommended your services to friends. Great experience with what could have been a confusing process.

            Stefanie Sanger

Robert Heideman was very professional and had great knowledge on the products and services available to meet our needs. He and his team did a wonderful job with keeping us informed on the status of our loan. I will recommend Robert to my friends and family.

            Meredith and Joe Berger

This mortgage experience was a breeze. There was no hassle involved. Thank you!

            Juan Mario and Tanya Balandran

Robert was informative, timely and super nice! I have and will continue to recommend him!!

            Frank and Laura Robbins

Thorough understanding of process. Great communication, responded well to my questions/concerns.

            Tyler Farmer

I appreciated your consideration in all aspects of the process in securing my mortgage. Your knowledge helped me understand and feel comfortable with all the information that was presented. You and your staff have my compliments for a “job well done”. I can’t thank you enough and want you to know that you would be highly recommended to others.

            Betty Sue Becker 

My husband and I have refinanced many times, but we have never had a more satisfying experience as we had with Robert and his company. Robert explained everything, was organized, kept us updated, and the loan was finished faster than we have ever experienced before.

            Katherine & Pete Makos

I put off refinancing for over a year because I was worried about how much work it would be. It was actually very simple and easy! After providing a few documents, I didn’t have to do anything! Now I am saving over $200 a month.

Julie Davison

Robert is fantastic to work with. He is informative and helpful and was able to move the refinance along quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Robert to my peers.

Dan & Melanie Winograd

I have refinanced my house 3 times since I have owned it and Robert and his staff were by far the best I have ever worked with. Very accommodating and kept me in the loop every step of the way!

Tracy Edelmann

Robert was incredibly easy to work with. This was my first time buying a home and he helped make the process very easy. I’ll highly recommend him to anyone I know that is buy a home!

            William Wahl 

I am a very detail oriented and methodical decision maker. Robert matched my detail with a very clean, simple, and well explained refinance process. I would highly recommend his honest approach to anyone with a mortgage need.

            Brad Christ

Working with Robert and his team was a phenomenal experience. As a first time homebuyer, the task of applying for a loan seemed daunting; however Robert and his team use a Weekly Update process that made the application process seamless. I would recommend Robert to my family and friends!

           Stephanie Schuette

You guys are great!! You walked me through the loan process as well as other issues we were having. You explained everything in detail and made sure we were happy. Melodie was amazing and helpful. Robert is the man and I knew he would be great from our first meeting!!

           Dan Kimball & Alison Majers

The service I received was great. Very friendly staff.

           Melinda Milewczik

Timely and excellent service!

           Mike and Katie Spayd

Working with Robert and his team was a truly wonderful experience. I was very nervous at the beginning of the process, but he explained every step and gave me such a comfort level. I really liked the weekly status report that Delmar sends out. Robert came to the closing and thoroughly explained each and every document. He was great to work with, was very professional and also has a great sense of humor and is very personable. I would highly recommend Delmar Financial and Robert’s team to anyone looking for a good mortgage company.

            Maggie Taylor

Everything was handled in a professional and timely manner. It made purchasing our new home very stress free.

            Doug & Debbie Conger

My husband and I are first time homebuyers and we did not know what to expect or how the process worked. Robert and his staff made the whole process very easy for us. We felt comfortable with every decision that was made and he was always available for questions along the way. We would definitely recommend Robert to our friends and family!

            Cory & Amber Buerck

Robert & Melodie are both very thorough in explaining things step by step. I did not have any surprises and Robert was reachable 24/7, which I found comforting.  Melodie is a hoot and makes you feel at ease from your first conversation with her. I will recommend you. I will be contacting you on behalf of my boss for his refi.

            Rodney & Karen Sloan

I’ve worked with many mortgage brokers/bankers both personally and professionally. Robert’s team’s combination of expertise, thoroughness and consistent communication is unparalleled in their industry.

            Steve & Adrienne Eifler

I would refer Robert and The Heideman team to anyone and everyone looking for a mortgage company. The whole refinance process was handled quickly and efficiently while being friendly, helpful, and professional.

            Kathy Meyer

The Heideman Group made buying our first home a great experience! Their expert staff was extremely knowledgeable, constantly available, and always helpful. Their seamless process kept us up to date during the progress of our loan, and made financing our house enjoyable. I would highly recommend The Heideman Group; we will be using them for our next home purchase.

            Garrett & Michelle Allen

This was our 4th home purchase over the years and the first time we were really taken care of and had everything explained to us completely – every step of the way. Robert and Melodie made this process enjoyable and relaxing through an otherwise stressful time. They were there for us at any time and always took the extra step to make sure all of our questions and concerns were taken care of. They are the best!!!

            John & Gloria Howard

Robert and his team lead us through the home buying process by being professional and upfront about what would be expected of us as lenders. His team kept us informed at all stages of the lending process by providing weekly updates along with ‘as needed’ requests for additional documents well in advance of their due date. We would recommend The Heideman Group to anyone who wants a smooth and efficient borrowing experience.

            Dan & Michaela Herbst

Everyone was really easy to work with and they explained things thoroughly to a first-time homeowner.  Thank you.

            Georgie Nikolaidis

I am very detail oriented and methodical decision maker.  Robert matched my detail with a very clean, simple, and well explained refinance process.  I would highly recommend his honest approach to anyone with a mortgage need.

            Brad Christ

This was the easiest, most hassle-free mortgage application experience I’ve ever been through.  Fantastic service!

            Justin & Allison Reppy

We had an issue with our loan because of my job change.  But, Robert Heideman did an amazing job getting us the loan approved in the last minute.  He was very professional and explained the process to us in detail.  He was personally present at the time of closing to answer any questions we had.  I would recommend him to anyone.

            Geoji Paul

The Heideman Group within Delmar Financial did a great job throughout the process.  They kept in communication with us through some difficult issues.  I will be referring my daughter to them as she is preparing to buy her first home.

            Pam Wilson

The Heideman Group was beyond professional when it came to purchasing our first home.  Even when we asked a ot of questions, they were understanding.  They answered the question thoroughly and even encouraged the questions.  The group also sent out a graphic every week to show where we were in the mortgage process.  This was a great feature because it gave us a visual to how the process works.  Working with The Heideman Group was a wonderful and painless experience for purchasing our first home.

            Matt & Kara Glosecki

Some technical issues occurred concerning dates with another party.  The Heideman Group was able to work through these and complete the loan process for me on time.  They kept me informed and up to date on the problems they were experiencing which helped understand the delays.

            Mark Ritter

Robert and his staff were wonderful to work with – professional, courteous and helpful.  This was the easiest mortgage process out of 4 or 5 total.  You can’t go wrong with The Heideman Group on your side.

            Lisa Shoptaw

Five days before we were supposed to close with a different lender, they came back and told us we couldn’t do the loan we planned on using for the past 5 months.  Robert stepped up and said he could fix our issue and get us in our house in 2 weeks.  He worked with the builder so we didn’t get charged any penalties; got the loan we were planning to use the whole time; and saved us from having to pay an extra $300 a month.  He made the process smooth.  Promised and delivered.  He was awesome to work with!

            Ryan & Lauren Berg

Very thorough, clear process that definitely lessened the stress of the home buying experience.

            Laura Kuchnicki

After closing on our 1st house with Delmar in February, Robert contacted us to refinance just four months later.  I was a little skeptical at first since it was so soon, but The Heideman Group took the time to explain the benefit and answered the many questions that we had.  In the end, we saved over 10% on our interest expense with little work on our end.  As usual, I am impressed with the outcome of the transaction and professionalism of the group. I can’t wait until the next opportunity to work with Robert & his group.

            Garrett & Michelle Allen

The Heideman Group was a HUGE help while we were buying our house.  All of our questions and issues were addressed promptly.  While buying a house is never stress-free, Robert and his team certainly made is less stressful.

            Amanda Flaherty

I appreciated your team's consistent and reliable communication regarding the materials I needed to provide for loan processing and the timing of events.  Communicate was timely, professional and courteous.

            Susan Istenes

I would like to say your team was just a delight to work with.  If there was anything I didn’t understand you guys were great at responding quickly and in a way I could understand.  Thanks you so much for everything you did!

            Michael Goins, Jr.

Working with The Heideman Group to refinance our mortgage was an overall painless and easy experience.  Refinancing can sometimes be an exhausting process but The Heideman Group helped facilitate a smooth closing that did not require any heavy lifting on our part.  I would definitely recommend The Heideman Group to anyone else looking to refinance.

            Rob & Sarah Hempen

Robert and his team were extremely friendly and helpful at all times during our home buying process.  Every time we called them they were courteous and knew exactly what was happening.  I have and will continue to refer them to anyone who is looking to buy a home.

            Russell & Heather Cutchall

The process was great.  Everyone wa knowledgeable nice and friendly.  We were kept up to date on all things about the loan.  I would use The Heideman Group again!  Thank you!

            Tim & Kelly Hawkins

Robert and his team were a pleasure to work with.  As a first time home buyer with credit questions, I always felt in the loop.  Throughout the process my confidence never waivered although I had personal credit issues; this was because Robert and his team.  I hold Delmar Financial and Robert’s team in the highest regards!!!

            Jory Cook

Robert was a life saver. He did excellent work in a minimal amount of time to get my wife and I out of a very stressful and frustrating situation. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Robert and Delmar to anyone looking to buy or refinance. Great guy who does great work. Can't ask for anything more.

            Ryan & Lauren Berg

We both agree that we really loved your service and we have refinanced multiple times with both homes, using a new person each time as we were never happy. Your service was by far the best, it was completely painless, was easy and happened on what I felt like a tight timeline, as other refinances we have completed have taken much longer with me nagging like it was a full time job ; ) saying we are happy is an understatement for sure and I know we both will recommend you to everyone we know.

            Nick & Mimi Johnson

Robert and his team took a complicated and at time overwhelming task and made the experience simple.  Great communication and responsiveness throughout the process.

            David Greenberg

This is my second time refinancing with Robert Heideman, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Each time, he made sure that he understood what we needed in a loan before starting the process.  The communication throughout was excellent, and the ability to sign most documents electronically greatly facilitated the process.  I will recommend Robert and his team to anyone I know that is looking to buy a home or refinance their current one.

            Tracy Bucholz

I am a relatively new home owner. Robert has been instrumental in making the mortgage process as painless as possible.  He truly looks out for your best interest.  I would recommend him to anyone.

            Jay Scherder

Robert & Allison really care about the whole loan process.  They are both a great asset to the Delmar Team.  Great Job!!!

            Neal Higginbotham

Best of the Best!  Would highly recommend to everyone and will use in the future.  It couldn’t have been more pleasant and smoother.  Excellent every step of the way.  Thank you!

            Ed & Mary Kintz

Robert and his team were great to work with.  They made my ref effortless and the process was a breeze.  Robert is a trusted advisor and would recommend him to any of my family & friends.  Robert is thorough, timely, personable, and most importantly knowledgeable. 

            Michael Vassel

This is the second time we have refinanced with The Heideman Group and experienced the same professional, timeliness, and support. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable and streamlined.  I can’t wait to refinance again and we never go with anyone other than Robert Heideman.

            Garrett & Michelle Allen

Everything ran quick and smoothly.  At the same time we didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.  I would recommend you guys to anyone looking for a mortgage.

            Jared Bushor

Your team exceeded expectations.  I'll recommend The Heideman Group to my friends.

            Santosh Shinde

The service we got from Robert & Alli was great.  Great job.  Great experience.

            Randy Guenther

This is our second time using Robert Heideman for mortgage services.  He is extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented and very professional in his interactions.  I would highly recommend him to our friends and family.

            Rands, Todd & Christine

Robert and his crew are pros and made my first time home buying experience very easy.

            Jose Marin

The Heideman Group is great to work with, they are knowledgeable and quick to respond to any question.  They truly hold your hand through the process and keep you up to date to the very end!

            Kellock, Dara

We greatly appreciate your amazing follow-up, follow through and efficiency!  We also appreciate you always thinking of us when rates go down.

            Berg, Ryan & Lauren

This is our third time working with Robert and his staff.  Once again they made the process very easy for us.  One of the things I like best about working with Robert is the fact that he is very knowledgeable and is always quick with an answer and response.  I can trust that he has our best interest in mind and that is what matters most!

            Buerck, Cory & Amber

Robert and crew were on top of the process, informing us at every step.  We are so grateful for their kind, professional and guidance.

            DeGange, Mark & Maria

Robert and his team were efficient, friendly and professional.  The refinancing process was quick and painless.  I hightly recommend The Heideman Group.

            Kishsa Robinson

After months of working with another mortgage company, I was days away from losing my house.  My realtor put me with The Heideman Group because she knew they were the only ones who could get the job done.  In two weeks, they were able to Approve me and close on my new house.  They got things done that the other mortgage company couldn’t do in seven months in only two weeks.  I highly recommend this company and can’t thank them enough for being beyond awesome!

            Gabrielle Bain

It was a pleasure working with Robert, Jim, Sarah & Alli.  While there was the expected paperwork gathering upfront for our refinance, the rest was easy.  They were professional and efficient.  I really appreciated the weekly status update.  We would highly recommend The Heideman Group. 

            Julie & Albert Froede

Robert and his group were wonderful to work with.  As first time homebuyers, he explained the process thoroughly every step of the way.  Any problems were quickly resolved with a focus on the solution!

            Carrie & Jason Stempin

Overall fantastic!  The entire team made process fun, always available to answer questions and very truthful about the market conditions.  I even called Robert on a Sunday afternoon and he was doing year work yet he stopped to have a conversation with me.  You can tell they care about you.

            Jeff & Allison Niermann

We had such a stress-fee and easy process with both the Heideman Group and our realtor.  We were very pleased with the constant updates and how quick everything went.  I will definitely recommend Robert Heideman to others and will most definitely use him for our next house purchase!

            Sam Gorski & Shea Hladnick

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for the first time I purchased a house.  You took an intimidating process and made it easy to understand, uncomplicated and a pleasant experience.  The realtor & contractor referred to me were excellent and I look forward to working with you in the future!  Thanks again for your help & patience. 

            Haley Schumacher

My wife and I could not ask for anything better than Delmar Financials.  Delmar was the best choice we made.  We would definitely recommend them to any friends, family and co-workers. 

            Kyle & Candice Moore

I can’t speak highly enough of Robert and his group of people..  They thoroughly explain the process from start to finish as well as send video emails to guide you through the step you’re on that day. Courteous, professional and always on call.  I refer them to everyone.

            Kathy Meyer

Robert and his team were wonderful to work with.  He made sure to understand the type of process we wanted so we could be on the same page from the beginning.  We will definitely use him again!

            Mike & Erin Merkle

The experience was positive from start to finish.  Everyone involved with assisting on our refinance were professional and efficient during the entire process.  The educational videos were new to our mortgage experience and provided insight into the whole process.  We were kept informed and had all questions answered as they came up which resulted in a smooth and fast closing.

            Ann Buelow & Nicole Wayland

Best experience we have ever had!  Short, sweet, clean & easy!  The videos are right on point.  Robert and his team are the BEST!

            Jim & Diane Mason

Your team was great to work with.  I found the tracking lists and organized process especially helpful.

            Jackie Geiger

We would like to commend the effort of The Heideman Group.  The service that Robert and his team provided was second to none.  All of our questions were answered clearly, concisely and in a timely manner, including weekends!  We received weekly updates about the progress of our loan and everyone was very courteous.  If we are ever in the market for another loan, we will definitely be using the Heideman Group!

            Chris & Jaclyn Natsch

 The Heideman Group does an amazing job of assisting clients through the mortgage process.

            Nicole Young

As a working professional this group worked with me to get the paperwork completed.  I have long hours and they made it as convenient as possible.  The thing I liked best was frequent and updated communication.

            Cheryl Frye

The Heideman Group has restored our faith in customer service.  Unfortunately, it isn’t often that we say, “Wow, they are doing it right,” but we have said that time and time again with this group.  They have been very professional and timely with all of their communications.  Quick to reply and offer advice when needed, and excellent with follow-up and follow-through, which made the process seem less daunting.  They have turned a challenging financial situation for us into a manageable one, and for that we are forever grateful.  Without hesitation, we would work with them again, and recommend them to anyone seeking a mortgage solution. 

            Bret & Dinah Gygi

Let me start by saying this is only our second ever home purchase.  The process from beginnning to end has been night and day compared to our first experience.  Although a big difference in the process was a much better real estate agent, we believe that everything was able to go as smoothly as it did large due to Robert and Delmar Financial’s role.  The entire Delmar Financial team was extremely compteten and speedy; because of this we were able to move our close date up by two weeks.  This made all the difference in the world as we had already sold our house and had some work to do on the new house.  Thanks for making a process that we dreaded into a pleasurable experience!  We will definitely recommend Delmar Financial to our friends!

            Josh Mooney

This is the second time Robert Heideman has helped us with a loan.  He has exceptional peolple skills and never ceases to amaze me with his patience and willingness to help people with the loan process.

            Amanda & Adam Schulte

Great response time, east to work with. Will recommend them and use them again!

            The Glasson’s

Thank you for making my first loan experience a good one.

            Keith Vollmer

Best experience we have ever had! Short, sweet, clean, and easy. The videos are right on point. Robert and his team are the best!

            Jim & Diane Mason

Being a first time home buyer and being so young, purchasing a home is a big and scary decision.  I heard nothing but horror stories about the loan approval process.  Robert, you and your team disproved all those stories and put my mind at ease.  Every expectastion I had was exceeded by far and everyone was just so great to work with.  Thank you all so much for everything.

            Almira Salihovic

I had a great experience with The Heideman Group. They were very efficient and personable.

            Toby Trapp

Robert closed our loan in 3 weeks. He is a fantastic guy with a vast knowledge of the mortgage business. I will never use a different person for my real estate transactions. Great job again. Robert. Thank you!

            Brett & Abbie Millecker

Thank you for your entire team for making my dream of a new home a reality!

            Pam Martin

Alli and Robert were very courteous and helped us move quickly through out loan process. The weekly updates let us know the status of our loan and helped keep us on track with providing needed information. It is always a pleasure to work with them.

            Lance and Michelle Duvall

Refinancing can be a daunting process. The Heideman Group immediately put us at ease as they clearly and thoroughly talked us through the process. Refinancing our home with The Heideman Group is one of the smartest financial moves we’ve ever made!

            Jonathan and Leanna Butterfield

That being said, you have my vote in the “best and most professional mortgage advisor” EVER! Thank you for your service.

            Margaret Boxdorfer

Very professional and helpful. This is our second re-fi with Robert and both times I was impressed with the responsiveness of his team and how quickly we were able to close our loan.

            Nick and Mimi Johnson

We felt the overall experience was great. It made a potentially arduous process into something much more manageable. Thank you!

            Patrick and Jennifer Ohzourk

We have used Robert for our home financiang three times and he always goes above and beyond to satisfy our needs. We would higly recommend him to anyone looking to develop a trusted, long-lasting relationship for our home financing needs.

            Todd and Lauren Cohen

Robert and his group made the mortgage process an easy one.  Both he and his team were easily accessible throughout the process and had prompt answers to all my questions.  Furthermore, Robert worked to get me the best rate possible for my loan.  We would recommend his group to anyone looking for mortgage financing.

            Scott & Courtney Kaar

We had a great experience working with The Heideman Group. They took the time to explain all our options in depth and were focused on helping us reach our goals. Communication throughout the process was friendly and clear. We recommend them highly!

            Chris and Megan Hegger

Allison Tzadok's Testimonials:

Working with Allison made my condo buying experience easy as could be.  Easier than buying a car.  She was patient, explained everything and I’m sure more than once (to a first-time buyer) and I felt sure I received the best interest rate I could get.  Everything was first rate!!!

Marcia King

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